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Frequently Asked Questions

The reason why you decide to work with the Tribe has to be because you identify with the values and the proposal presented by the team.

Since Transparency, Honesty and Respect are what keep us in the market, as well as a Win-Win attitude, the business must be good for everyone or there is no agreement.

If you feel you really need help selling your home, it doesn't make sense midway through the process to decide that you can handle everything yourself. The decision to put your house up for sale with the Tribe will have to be well thought out and in line with its values and principles.

You may have heard the saying "friends friends, business apart", right?

Furthermore, what we advise you to do is to interview each one of them and to decide by whomever presents you the most suitable proposal for your needs, be it a friend or not.

Before deciding to put your house up for sale you have to be very clear about what kind of service you want. For this, it is essential to have answers to some questions, such as:
- what is the real reason why i am selling my house?
- how long would you like to have my house sold?
- how will my life plans be if I am unable to sell my house in that period of time?
- what do I consider important in the relationship with the real estate consultant who will represent me in this process?
After analyzing these points you should analyze the value proposition of the consultant or team that will represent you and see if the cost of your work is worth it.

If this is your goal then there is no doubt that what you need is to interview several consultants and decide on the one who will add more value to you.

In addition to experience in the market, you should feel a level of confidence and understand the value proposition that your consultant has to offer.

Hire only one real estate consultant to represent you throughout the process;
Set a fair price
Investing in a Professional Photographer
Correct moisture, cracks and make minor repairs
Prepare the house for sale (homestaging)
Do everything possible to make the buyer feel at home
Make the buyer comfortable by not being at home during visits
Make visits only after realizing if your home fits the client's needs
Set specific dates and times for visits
Disconnect emotionally as this can be harmful at the time of sale


Your home will help to sell others, you will have to wait for competitors to sell themselves first.

It will take time to readjust to the right price, and you may have to lower more than you wanted in the future

Over time the house will cease to be new and will not arouse much interest in the market

Markets change quickly and you may be forced to fall too much without counting

What determines the selling prices of a property is the Law of Supply and Demand.

We have to be constantly attentive to market fluctuations in order to understand if a certain area and type is valuing or devaluing and adjusting prices.

The most effective method to understand the real and current value of your home is through ACM (Comparative Market Analysis). Analyzing which properties are comparable to yours that have been on the market for more than 6 months, less than 6 months and which were actually sold in the last 6 months. The real value will be very similar to that of SOLD, as these were actually the lucky ones who had a proposal and who were bought by someone. All the rest, by comparison, were excluded and are still on the market.