Tribo Real Estate

A tribe is a group of people with common values and customs who share a certain vision. It is this vision that holds this group together.
From the moment we were born, we are inserted in small groups of people with whom we share something in common. It will be the football group, it will be the church group, it will be the dance group, it will be the gym group, it will be the work group, it will be the group of friends. It will be the group that fights for human rights, it will be the group that defends the right of animals, it will be the group that fights for equality. We look for someone who thinks or feels the same way as we do and we join them in sharing the same vision.

Tribo is a real estate team with a very simple and clear vision of what the real estate world is: it is not about selling houses; it's not about buying houses. It is about realizing how we can add value at a certain point in each person's life.
Our mission is to be the bridge between the moment the customer is in his life and the moment he wants to be in the future, making this transition the simplest and fastest process possible.
Our value proposition will always be created and adapted to the needs of each client. We are all unique, authentic. No two people are alike, no two stories are alike and as such no two processes are alike.
Thus, there is no standard monitoring plan. Each process is carefully analyzed according to the motivation and needs of each client.
At Tribo any relationship with its clients will have as its main basis: respect, trust and transparency throughout the process.


My name is Natalina Correia and I am a real estate consultant in the Madeira Island market, where I am from. After ten years living in Europe, I returned to the region and came across the Real Estate Branch by chance. I quickly fell in love with this profession when I realized the impact that an excellent service can have on people's lives.

I have my family, my faith and my work as priorities. I move by values such as honesty, transparency and respect. I do it by being faithful to my values and principles in my daily life and in everything I do.

In the four years that I have of this profession I have already invested hundreds of hours in training and in my personal and professional development. For me, constant growth, first as a person and then as a professional, is fundamental because only in this way is it possible for me to provide the best service to all the people who come to me and to be able to understand the best solution for each process.

No two people are the same and as such no two processes are the same and, if so, there cannot be the same solution for all customers.

Every day is different and for that reason it is a challenge and a learning experience. There is no possibility of stagnating or becoming very comfortable, which motivates me immensely and makes me accept new projects and challenges constantly.

I will be happy to understand your questions, simple or complex, about the purchase or sale of a house in the Madeira Island market.


My name is Alexandra Pereira and I consider myself to be a dynamic, proactive person with a great desire to grow. I am based on values such as honesty, clarity and respect, which immediately caught my attention because they are in perfect harmony with the team's values.

Before accepting this challenge, I was responsible for a project in the technological sector that I embraced and dedicated myself to. When I commit to a new project I give 100% of myself, in order to add value and be an asset in it.

When this proposal was presented to me to be responsible for managing a team in the real estate business, some doubts naturally arose due to lack of knowledge in the area. However, with the guidance, training and support provided by Natalina and KW AREA MADEIRA, I feel that I am adapting very well and playing a fundamental role in the service we provide to our customers.