Keller Williams

"Build careers that are worth having, businesses that are worth having, lives that are worth living, experiences that are worth providing and legacies that are worth perpetuating."

Keller Williams (KW) is much more than a traditional franchise. KW places the Real Estate Consultant as the central figure of its business model, which is additionally based on an interdependence with the Market Center and Company business.

Born in Austin, Texas in 1983, Gary Keller asked his best consultants a very simple question: "How to create a company that everyone will want to come from and that nobody will want to leave?" More than 35 years later, the principles that answered this question remain the foundation that helped to create a business model that is revolutionizing the sector in the world.

This model allows KW Consultants to become owners of a business taking advantage of all the resources and technology that are provided to them by belonging to the largest Real Estate Agency in the World.

"Keller Williams will change your life"

This is an expression that is heard with some frequency since the first day that we enter the company and we immediately understand why. With an unparalleled culture, we are encouraged from the first day to aim high, to deal with limiting beliefs that block us, to be better people and to become, effectively, better human beings.
Transforming not only the lives of its consultants but also those of those around them, KW undoubtedly serves its purpose of changing lives and creating lives by design. In short, Keller Williams is much more than a company that trains real estate consultants. KW is a lifestyle.

Principles of Keller Williams


Win - Win - or no deal
Integrity - do what's right
Clients - are always first
Commitment - in everything
Communication - try to understand first
Creativity - ideas before results
Teamwork - together we achieve more
Trust - starts with honesty
Success - results involving people


Build CAREERS that are worth having, BUSINESSES that are worth keeping, LIVES that are worth living, EXPERIENCES that are worth providing, and LEGACIES that are worth perpetuating.


Be the COMPANY OF ELECTION in Real Estate for Real Estate Consultants and their Clients.


God, Family and then the business.


We are a Technological company that owns the platform preferred by our Consultants' Clients. Keller Williams thinks like a TOP PRODUCER, acts as a TRAINER-CONSULTANT, and focuses all its activities on SERVICE, PRODUCTIVITY and PROFITABILITY.